Lisa Erwin, Massage Therapist
We needed a last minute video and were kind of in a bind. Even though I knew creativeeyeq is usually someone you need to book up in advance with I thought I would call and take a chance. Luckily they had a pocket to squeeze us in and did an amazing video for our Spa Monalisa Wellness.

Larry Cleveland, Natural Balance Denton

“Creative Eye Q solved two of my biggest problems with my previous hosting compnay (Yahoo): 1. Yahoo was charging $12.95 a month and Creative Eye Q was able to host my website for half the price. 2. Front Page Extensions stopped working on my site when I was hosting with Yahoo. Creative Eye Q’s technical support team was able to provide a solution with their hosting which allowed me to use Front Page with my website. I would highly recommend anyone to host their website with Creative Eye Q!”

Patrick Dougher, Owner of The Business Spotlight TV Show

Brilliant! I am always stunned by the quality and volume of creative ideas and strategic planning that comes from this group. Every time we meet, their insights and creativity with current technology like “Interactive Ebook” that can replace membership programs and the visual creativity of their websites is cutting edge. Great folks to work with. Thank you for all you have done for me. I know anyone working with you will have a experience in Excellence! Patrick Dougher host of The Business Spotlight TV show.

Nancy Ladd, Owner of Fan Designs

Recently, Creative Eye Q was instrumental in producing two magazine ads for my company. My clients were very pleased with the outcome as well as the turn-around time. It was easy to work with John and Laura and they met my tight deadlines. It was a pleasant experience all the way around as they made me look good to my clients. I highly recommend them and plan to use their services for this year’s publication. Creative Eye Q was also hired to come up with innovative ideas for a photo shoot for my business. They lead a team consisting of a graphic artist, photographer and stylist to implement my ideas. The level of creativity was exceptional and turn-around time was fast and efficient. I asked them to come up with a shot that was “outside of the box” thinking and I received exactly what I asked for. Working with them was effortless. I plan to use them again in the near future for re-branding and developing new market strategies for my company.

Bart Weiss, Founder of Dallas Video Fest

They did a really awesome job on creating and ebook and ibook for the 25th Dallas VideoFest. There were both great to work with, and did really inspiring work. I would highly recommend working with them. You will get something better than you expected. bart’

Ken Bradford, Owner of Bradford Speaking Method, Author/Speaker

John and Laura listen to what you need in a website and bring all the answers. I love working with these two. They are constantly looking for ways to help you create a better, more professional website that attracts business. They know the technical side of the web and can patiently and clearly explain it to us non-techies. I recommend them everytime the subject of webpages arises and will continue to do so. Obviously, put me down as a big fan!!! Ken Bradford

Shannon Looper, Programmer

Exceptional creativity that grabs the attention of the marketplace and produces unprecedented results. A unique blend of art and technology that takes advantage of the latest channels and delivers with beauty that captures the imagination.

Michael J. Radcliff

I have worked with Creative Eye Q on several occasions and just love working with John and Laura. They are attentive to detail and really put their hearts in their work. It has really been great to call them for any of my art and technology needs, from shooting a video and editing it for me for my speech at the Rotary Club, to trouble shooting any computer challenges that I have had. They did an outstanding job and were prompt in getting back to me. Finding a company who is consistent in the quality of their work with great communication skills is something that I have found is hard thing to find in the computer industry. I felt taken care of and that they understood my urgency in having my computer up and running. I would recommend them to anyone.

Laura Precourt, Owner of Chiropractic Solutions

John and Laura came to me as a team–a technician and a visionary designer. They compliment each other very well. They really listened to me about where my business was and where it is that I want it to go. A lot of us business owners have great ideas but never take the time, or have the time, to complete them. John and Laura presented an idea to use my website as the medium to make my business goals come true. In developing my website, they took me through stages which were not overwhelming. Their ideas were so creative; they were beyond anything I would have thought of myself. I believe we’re always changing and I’m confident that they will continue to help me with ongoing changes to my website.

James Radcliff

Creative Eye Q is a progressive company with cutting edge ideas, services, and talent! They are a great company who has an eye for visual design and provide great out of the box type consulting and design solutions!


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