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Laura Leigh Beauty is an ecommerce Magento site.

This site is a skincare, Makeup Line, Aromatherapy and Tea line based on the chakras. The headline “It is not just beauty it is an experience” says it all. We photographed images that blew makeup out of proportion to show that when you look up close at makeup it can appear like something else other than what it really is. We did a thumb print of makeup foundation, stacked powder like a zen garden, smushed lipstick to look like a lotus flower, created movement with the camera to mimics the movement of lips moving with lipstick, we created motion blurs to create an effect of mascara being applied and closeups of the eyes that are so detailed that you could see them sparkle. We turned color shots into black and white to set the mood for a dramatic cinema like effect and included others shots that would take the viewer into the experience of a Hollywood movie set from the makeup application time to the time of rolling the camera. We photoshopped the images turned them into ads for the Laura Leigh Beauty website.

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