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We worked with Chiropractic Solutions first as a Business Consultant, taking Dr. Laura through our Business Rites of Passage. Our goal was to expand her business and to take Chiropractic Solutions from the focus of one doctor doing all of the work to becoming a healing center where multiple doctors would take on multiple areas. As a result, Chiropractic Solutions now has multiple doctors working at the facility, has hired a whole new faculty and developed an operations manual.

While taking Chiropractic Solutions through their Business Consulting, we developed a WordPress site to express the new growth, developments and changes taking place within the company. We designed and developed all aspects of this project then used Dr. Laura’s preexisting logo and developed a menu that would make it easier for her customers to navigate. A slider was developed with 5 images in Photoshop with copywriting that showed Dr. Laura’s companies mission. On the bio and team pages we resized and inserted images that were done in Photoshop to create a consistent look. A google map was inserted on the front page. In addition, a drop down menu under the services menu was developed to create a description of services. Made some PHP coding modifications on the home page and created some custom CSS font styles.

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