If you already have a website, one of the easiest ways to give your site and printed material a facelift is by updating the photos and using videos on your site. As you evolve as a business, so should your “look”. With new images and videos that are current, your new and existing customers see you as an authority and on the cutting edge in your field.

The importance of great photography should never be overestimated. A great picture can result in a double page spread in a magazine or newspaper or even a front cover, creating a long lasting memorable presence.

Great pictures can also have a huge impact on your website and help give your marketing material an edge. At CREATIVE EYE Q our photographers, stylists and makeup artists and can help you take your image to the next level.

A picture speaks a thousand words. Give your website, brochures, catalogs and other print material a personal touch with new photography that represents the personality of your company. Photos on your site say a great deal about your business. In ten seconds or less, your audience determines whether they will continue to be engaged and look deeper into what you have to offer.


When it comes to weddings, family portraits, headshots, special events or portraits, you’ll want a great photographer to create timeless, impactful shots that touches your heartstrings, enliven your spirits and instantly take you back to those special moments. Our photography team has a keen eye to artfully create the essence of your experience and to capture them through images that you are sure to treasure.


It’s your time to shine! Breathe life into your website with CREATIVE EYE Q videos on your site. They will give your audience access to an intimate level of experience with your company and products.

Our website videos allow your customers to learn more about your business, who you are, what products you have to offer and the success you’ve obtain in your particular field. Videos are also a great way to introduce you, your staff or to have testimonials that share why others are inspired by the work you do. This gives potential customers feel like they know who they will be working with or a way to get to know your company and to feel like they know you more. They will now be able to put “a face with a name”and have an experience of getting to know your personality.

Today having a fantastic promo video on your website is not a ‘nice to have’, it’s a must if you really want your site to have an impact. Hundreds of search engines including Google, Yahoo. MSN and Aol give priority listings to websites that host video – indeed videos are 53 X more likely to be picked up than articles by Google.

Of course a great promo video is about far more than SEO. It’s about engaging with anyone who comes on your site, communicating your key messages and leaving anyone who sees it wanting to know more. There are many different types of promo video and at Creative Eye Q. We help you create the video that is right for you whether you are a multinational corporation, a start up business or an individual.

Just as important as creating a video is your image. CREATIVE EYE Q has image professionals who will professionally do your makeup and wardrobe stylists who will shop for you to create a current look that is consistent with the success of your role.  This way, your appearance is presented in your best light. What you wear and your makeup should be different in various mediums.  Our professionals will take care of you. You’ll look and feel like a million dollars.

The Production Process

  • Identify your key messages and core brand values
  • Develop a concept for the film likely to have the best impact for your business
  • Script and story board your video from start to finish
  • Film and edit your video
  • Multimedia marketing for business oriented videos – in addition to producing content we can also market your video so it has an even wider impact.


Having videos of your wedding, special events or parties is an inspiring way to seize moments in time. When you choose to have a professional videographer, you’re choosing to never forget the special moments of one of the most important days of your life. In experienced hands a professional video camera operator will capture every detail of the sights and sound of your special day in crystal clarity. All brief moments in time will be saved for you to share for generations to come. Video offers the unique ability to record more than just a single image. When you put images in motion the personality and emotion behind what is captured is revealed. Having the sound professionally recorded only adds to this effect. Your video is not only a time capsule of yourself but a record of your friends and family members that you wish you could see every day.


Whereas once podcasts were seen as novelty today they are mainstream and are considered part of the fabric of modern communications – with millions downloading casts on their computers, ipods, ipads and smart phones everyday – the question is how can you benefit from this?

At CREATIVE EYE Q our strategy is to make casts that have a real impact for our clients. Our team is made up of experts – who produce creative content that will raise your profile.The Creative Eye Q Podcast Process

  • Conceptualize your video/audio podcast
  • We will professionally produce your ‘first series’ (4 – 6 podcast’s episodes)
  • Video marketing – we will place the video across distribution sites to have the maximum possible impact.


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