Laura Schakosky has a gift for stimulating the passion within others and helping them express their true creative potential. Many of those skills were honed during her 25 years working in the entertainment industry as a makeup artist, working with thousands of celebrities and sports personalities.
As an artist, she helped develop and brand the iconic character “Mimi” from the Drew Carey Show. She’s also traveled with the Dr. Phil show, and worked with celebs like Nicole Kidman, Liz Taylor and even Laura Bush. What she’s learned from working closely with these leaders – and watching them develop their personas – is applicable to her creative roles at Creative Eye Q. Laura has the ability to transform others and make them larger than life.
Her background in television, film, video, commercial, fashion and advertising in California and Texas makes her well versed in many different facets of the media industry. She has worked with advertising agencies to help develop brand identity for fashion designers and major corporations.
Laura’s experience as a motivational speaker, success coach and wellness educator takes individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses to the next level. She believes that true transformation starts inside.
At Creative Eye Q, she meets with companies to learn more about their unique stories, consults on graphic and conceptual artwork and design layouts, and uses her visionary skills to intuit and formulate lasting brands.
Laura is passionate about the discovery process of getting to the core message of a brand and developing marketing ideas that expresses the essence of each client. She and her partner John Radcliff help design comprehensive strategies that include Web site design, public relations, blogs, video components, and offline and online media tours. Her ultimate goal is to allow a client’s message to project through multiple channels and connect to audiences on a broader scale.
When she’s not brainstorming creative strategies for clients, Laura can be found holed up in the sports announcers’ makeup room at Dallas Mavericks games, consulting on her own line of cosmetic products Laura Leigh Beauty, writing books, studying philosophy and communing with nature.