John Radcliff is the technology guru at Creative Eye Q. After 10 years in the information technology world, John began searching for ways to bring art and technology together in a new, exciting and innovative way. He met his future business partner Laura Schakosky while taking leadership classes at Landmark Education in Dallas, and together they launched a company that will make a difference in the world.

A lifelong learner, John holds a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies, a master of arts and technology degree in visual design, and a web design certificate. He plans to complete a Ph.D. in arts and technology in emerging media at the University of Texas at Dallas next year.
John is writing his Ph.D. dissertation on the study and delivery of interactive modalities, which can improve a person’s retention and experience when viewing information.John’s intention is to create an interactive experience using all of the senses. He’s passionate about designing an environment where all different types of people can learn.

His work at Creative Eye Q allows him to utilize his hard and soft technical skills, integrate a broad background in business and marketing, and research and solve problems for all types of clients. He enjoys mixing old and new technologies together, but expresses them in a very modern way to further education through technology.

Through his emerging media studies, John is inspired by where we’ve been technologically and where we’re going. But he’s also intensely curious about what’s not coming and what people haven’t thought of yet. His passion for piecing together media and technology elements allows him to stay ahead of trends and gain new perspectives on the ever-changing industry.

His experiences help clients deliver their messages in unique ways, and their websites are designed to evolve along with them as their needs change and grow. He helps to increase businesses exposure and bottom line by using different methodologies.