To be successful in your business – it’s all about getting the word out, and utilizing different methods for success. It is about being seen at the right place, at the right time to open up new doors. While you are in that perfect environment, our publicists will coach you on how to make the right impact, with a consistent message that will set you apart from your competitors. So, yes our publicists will help you and your business be memorable.
Our CREATIVE EYE Q team of publicists will help bring out your star qualities. You will work with them to develop a powerful image and business persona for your brand, while determining ways of gaining attention in the most dynamic ways.
We will help you design all press materials consisting of press kits, press releases and all collateral pieces. Our goal is to highlight groundbreaking news about your company and products. We will also help you tie your business into newsworthy stories for television and radio where you will have an opportunity to inspire and make a difference in people’s lives while driving success to you.
Depending on where you want to shine, our publicists will create an online satellite media tour so that you can be interviewed by bloggers. This is a great way to get reviews and access your audience online. For offline, we also do satellite media tours locally, nationally and for specific targeted markets such as the Latino, African, Native American and Chinese.
Image Consulting
It’s about how we act. It’s about what we do and what we say. That’s how images are shaped. That’s how elections are won. That’s how businesses succeed or fail. Because the public makes judgements on how people look and act. You only have a couple minutes to make a great first impression. It matters what you say, what you wear and how you inflect. It matters in person. It matters for a speech. It matters most on TV when doing an interview or making an appearance. It matters in good times and matters during a PR crisis.
We provide image consulting and media coaching to business executives, professionals and personalities and to those who’ve been thrust into the spotlight. How we look and act matters to the public eye. How we project ourselves often determines success or failure and tv magnifies those issues. Our image consulting professionals will work with you to develop your persona so that it is a match for your message. We will coach you on how body language, your speech inflection and the words that you say makes an impact. Our image consulting team will help you get your message out effectively to others.